ATS/Synchronizing Solutions

ATS/Synchronizing Solutions

Jubaili Bros provides ATS & Synchronizing solutions which allow you to control, monitor and operate your unit, your electrical appliances and the electrical network.

By using the very latest, top-quality system technology, we are able to offer our customers the ultimate in safety, convenience and functionality. Our systems are designed to provide unmatched performance, reliability and versatility for critical standby applications.

Our offering includes but is not limited to:

ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches)

These are often installed with a backup generator, so as to provide temporary electrical power in case of mains electrical power failure. Our ATS Panels ranges from 100A to 4000A.

Synchronizing Panels

These panels are often installed where two or more parallel generators require the load sharing.

Totalizing Panels

Also known as “Common Busbar”; these panels are often installed, where more than two generators are in parallel operations for getting the sum of power generated. Our Totalizing Panels ranges from 600A to 10,000A.

Customized solutions are also available as per customer’s requirements.

Email us to get in touch with our sales representative about how Jubaili Bros can provide solutions for your specific needs.

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