Sound Attenuated Enclosures


Jubaili Bros gives you an option of protecting your diesel generators with sound attenuated enclosures. These enclosures provide an ideal working condition for the generators. These enclosures not only limit the generator from producing high decibels of sound, but they also protect the generator from harsh weather conditions.

The careful design ensures the lowest noise level using high density sound absorbing material and highly effective aeration system. These enclosures are a result of extremely rugged construction in order to withstand the rough handling common on different sites. They are designed in compliance with International Quality Standards and on modular principles with many interchangeable components permitting on site repair with easy access to the engine for maintenance operations.

Our sound-attenuated and weather-protective enclosures are manufactured from galvanized steel sheet (polyester powder painted for rust proof protection). The presence of heavy duty silencer ensures enhanced performance.

Pre-assembled, pre-integrated and delivered as a part of the entire power system, these enclosures are designed to speed installation time and reduce costs.

Customized enclosures with reduced sound pressure levels and other options are available on demand.

For further information on all of the standard and optional features accompanying this product, please email us to serve you better.

In addition to the genuine UK enclosures, we have manufacturing Facilities in Lebanon, UAE and Nigeria where we offer customized solutions.
Genset Brand Genset Range (KVA) Enclosure Type
JET JP12.5-JP500 C6A Enclosures
JET JP13-JP650 C6B Enclosures
JET JP600-JP650 C6C Enclosures
JET JP12.5-JP200 CX Enclosures
JET JP250-JP800 C8A Enclosures
JET JP12.5-JP200 C8B Enclosures
JET JP12.5-JP200 C8C Enclosures
JET JP250-JP2000 C10A Enclosures
JET JP250-JP500 C10B Enclosures
JET JP12.5-JP200 C10C Enclosures
Genset Brand Genset Range (KVA) Enclosure Type
Marapco MP13-MP2000 SP Enclosures
Genset Brand Genset Range (KVA) Enclosure Type
JET JP9-JP22 SA Enclosures
JET JP30-JP330 SA Enclosures
JET JP350-JP700 SA Enclosures
JET JP725-JP2500 CTR Enclosures
Marapco MP12.5-MP22 SA Enclosures
Marapco MP30-MP330 SA Enclosures
Marapco MP350-MP710 SA Enclosures
Marapco MP725-MP2500 CTR Enclosures
Genset Brand Genset Model Enclosure Type
Marapco MP12.5-MP14E SA Enclosures
Marapco MP20-MP22E SA Enclosures
Marapco MP30-MP33E SA Enclosures
Marapco MP45-MP50E SA Enclosures
Marapco MP60-MP66E SA Enclosures
Marapco MP80-MP88E SA Enclosures
Marapco MP100-MP110E SA Enclosures
Marapco MP135-MP150E SA Enclosures
Marapco MP150-MP165E SA Enclosures
Marapco MP350-MP400E SA Enclosures
Marapco MP500-MP550E SA Enclosures
Marapco MP600-MP660E SA Enclosures
Marapco MP650-MP710E SA Enclosures
UAE, Lebanon and UK Manufactured Sound Attenuated Enclosures can be supplied Worldwide.
Enclosures manufactured in Nigeria are exclusively for Nigerian Market