Production Engineer

Job Summary

To review and prepare pricing studies and BOQ’s for projects by coordinating with the concerned teams, doing technical drawings for new or special assembly of generators, to provide accurate technical details for the production and attending to customer demands.

Key Responsibilities

  • Supervise the respective team of direct and indirect reports through contributing to effective recruitment, development, performance management, and succession planning, in order to maximize team performance and achieve sectional objectives.
  • Contribute to the management of the section’s daily operations by providing expertise, enabling teamwork, and aligning processes, in order to achieve high performance standards and meet established targets.
  • Review the tender documents (specifications, BOQ, drawings), by performing a site inspection, and preparing the designs as per the requirements (generator set sizing, testing and commissioning); and solving upon request technical problems, to assist the sales department with the offer preparation based on accurate project planning.
  • Review BOQ’s, by setting the needed items, quantities, and costs mentioned, and attaining approval from the Factory Manager prior to submitting to the sales representatives / branch managers for pricing.
  • Review and prepare drawings and designs, based on the technical specifications attained from the site visit, calculating needed measurements of electrical load, and making needed modifications or additions provided by the Factory Manager to improve the designs taking into consideration customer’s needs and restrictions.
  • Follow up on approved project plan, including necessary wirings for Generator, ATS or Control Panels, and other required accessories, and cooperate with the customer / contractor for any update or modification, to complete the project.
  • Provide Complete Technical Documentation for any new Product or changes on existing product following Controlled process to avoid any mis communication to Production and results in producing wrong product / specs
  • Provide Needed Technical Support to Aftersales, sales, marketing, warehouses and all other Dep. Where needed including site visits, meeting with customers and trainings.
  • Receive all Improvement suggestion / Complains related to product from Internal and External customer and follow it up with its related problem owner set corrective/ preventive actions using Problem solving Techniques and provide feedback about results
  • Manage all warranty coverage and reimbursement issues in Nigeria with suppliers, by attaining needed form copy from the maintenance department, sending the information to the supplier along with the defective item (if requested), receiving updates on collected credit notes and compensations from the accounting department, and advising maintenance and stores accordingly, to confirm the registration on warranty for the customer’s benefit and replace the items.
  • Perform sampling inspection on the generating sets, enclosures, and fuel tanks, by verifying the assembly is done accurately, testing the products, and checking the availability of required manuals and safety stickers, prior to storage or delivery, to ensure compliance with quality standards and avoid possible breakdown on-site, or rejection from the customer.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • 5-7 years’ experience

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