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  • SmartLogger2000 built-in
  • Integrated communication unit with multiple functions built-in
  • Industrial application and carrier-class reliability


  • MODBUS-TCP for connections to Huawei NetEco
  • Up to 30 devices supported and up to 80 inverters per Smart Logger1000
  • Max. reliable communication range of 1,000m

Smart Power Sensor

  • DDSU666-H-single-phase smart meter
  • DTSU666-H-three-phrase smart meter


  • I-V Curve Diagnosis supported
  • Up to 200 devices supported and up to 150 inverters
  • Max. reliable communication range of 1,000m
SmartLogger 2000

Smart PV Optimizer

  • Max. efficiency 99.5%, weighted efficiency 99.0%
  • IP68 for outdoor application with DC Power Line Communication
  • Remote module-level monitoring and single module shutdown capability

Smart Dongle-4G/WLAN

  • Inverter external 4G/WLAN communication module
  • One dongle supports one device’s communication