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Solar Solutions


Solar power has emerged as one of the most effective renewable energy source on the planet. In 6 hours, enough sunlight hits the earth to power the whole world for a complete year!

Marking the completion of 40 years in Power Solutions in 2017, Jubaili Bros is celebrating its success by adding this reliable and sustainable power source to its core business of Diesel Generator Sets. Being a customer centric, this move of Jubaili Bros will benefit its customers to a huge extent, as this source of energy is available free of cost everywhere.

Jubaili Bros have demonstrated this transition into the field of Renewable Energy by committing to install solar systems at its facilities in Lebanon, Nigeria, UAE and Afghanistan. The total amount of the Solar Power produced from these facilities, once complete will be around 500 KW. Simultaneously Jubaili Bros have won various projects to install solar systems at schools and factories and are now implementing projects that will be a part of Power solutions to supply utility scale electricity to the masses.

Jubaili Bros is proud to state that the solar systems, it will supply, will be sourced from the World’s renowned solar companies and all installations will be covered under a warranty which will last from 10 up to 25 years depending upon the components used.

Jubaili Bros HQ. PV-Diesel System Lebanon 432 Pv Panel x 310Wp (BYD, China) 6 inverter x 20Kw (SMA, Germany) N/A
Doha School PV-Diesel System Lebanon 160 Pv Panel x 310Wp (BYD, China) 2 inverter x 25Kw (SMA, Germany) N/A
Aisha School PV-Diesel System Lebanon 180 Pv Panel x 310Wp (BYD, China) 2 inverter x 25Kw (SMA, Germany) N/A
Jubaili Bros Engineering Factory PV-Diesel Power Plant Nigeria 100 Pv Panel x 300Wp (Trina, China) 1 inverter x 33Kw (Sungrow, China) N/A
Jubaili Bros Engineering House Hybrid Residential Nigeria 20 Pv Panel x 250Wp (Trina, China) 1 Hybrid inverter x 10Kw (SMA, Germany) 50KWh LFP Energy Storage
Jubaili Bros Factory PV-Diesel System UAE 375 Pv Panel x 320Wp (Trina, China) 5 inverter x 25Kw (SMA, Germany) N/A

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