Jubaili Bros control panels


We design, build and install electrical control panels to meet customer demands and projects.

We supply and install control panels for new generator sets and offer upgrades for existing generators. We offer end user training to ensure that operators and team at site are familiar to interface with the system properly.

Our Control Panels products cover the following:

  • The Generator controllers dedicated to control the Stand alone diesel Generator, covering a wide range of applications from Basic controllers assuring minimum requirements to advanced system assuring monitoring, remote control, remote monitoring and  interface with other industrial / residential systems.
  • The Generator controllers dedicated for synchronizing / Paralleling Application, between Generators, or between Generators and utility grid.
  • Control Panels for single fuel oil filling systems and duplex systems between Tanks and Generators (Transfer pumps)
  • Automatic transfer switch ATS controllers: without bypass, with single bypass and with double bypass, cyclic ATS.
  • Remote, wireless communication modules to control locate and monitor the generating sets.
  • Controllers of Automatic Load banks.

Features and options offered:

  • Interface with the BMS
  • Interface with SCADA system
  • Interface with Local network
  • Notifications of Generator status by SMS or e-mail
  • Remote displays and annunciation panels

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