Jubaili Bros. adopts a Quality Policy that aims at ensuring customer delight through sound business practices and
high quality products and services.

This is manifested through the continual development and improvement of all business activities; applications and
controls; as well as on-going improvement and upgrade of products and services.

The Quality Policy is put into day-to-day practice to assert our commitment to the applicable requirements through the following means:
Implementing the ISO9001 Quality Management System.
  • Set-up processes and procedures for systematic and standardized operation taking into consideration the internal and external contexts of the organization
  • Monitor and measure customer feedback and satisfaction.
  • Control all documented information to be consistent with the company objectives.
  • Ensure clear and documented communication with stakeholders (internal and external).
  • Define responsibilities and authorities throughout the organization.
  • Control non-conforming produced and procured products and services.
  • Implement and review the effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions, and update risks and opportunities determined during planning.
Monitoring and controlling products and services quality.
Adopting and practicing high ethics and values in dealing with all internal and external stakeholders.
Recruiting; developing and retaining qualified human resources.
Continually set and review strategic and operational objectives as frequently needed.