A key issue with regard to the use of generators for power generation is the amount of noise they make while running. This can be a particularly troublesome issue in places where they are used frequently, and a substitute is not available.

This is not a problem reserved just for the use of generators in households, but also in industrial and manufacturing settings and facilities.

While some of these may be designed to withstand the impact of the sound from the overall operations, and employees may even wear protective headsets, at facilities that carry out loud processes, eliminating even a bit of the noise goes a long way.

To solve this problem, the larger generator Models now come with the option of adding a sound attenuation enclosure to cover the generator, which muffles the operating noise to far lower levels.

Silent Generator For Sale

As a leading generator supplier and parts company, Jubaili Bros also gives its customers the option to benefit from a generator enclosure.

While often associated with this, the purpose of the generator enclosure is not just to lower sound.

Not only does the addition help keep sound levels to very low and even barely noticeable levels when the generator is located away from the benefiting area, it also provides the assembly protection from the weather at all times.

This can also be particularly useful when generators are used in cold and warm environments, either because of the weather, or industrial processes that require extreme temperatures.

Lowest Sound Levels

Our generator enclosure in UAE, Lebanon, Nigeria and Worldwide packs the lowest possible noise levels by making use of dense sound muffling components and an efficient aeration mechanism.

The rugged enclosure components give the generator the ability to withstand the many handling hazards that are associated with industrial sites.

Generator Enclosure Design

The enclosure used in our quiet diesel generator in Dubai, Lebanon and Nigeria conforms to the relevant international standards and the mechanism ensures full access to the machine components for easy repair and maintenance work.

The sound muffling and anti-weather covers are made from galvanized steel and come with anti-rust paint, alongside a heavy-duty silencer for optimized performance.

If you are looking to buy a silent generator for sale in Sharjah or any other emirate, our enclosures are delivered as part of a larger system and are pre-assembled to cut down on installation times.

We also provide customization options for enclosures and further modifications on request.

Genset BrandGenset Range (KVA)Enclosure Type
JETJP12.5-JP500C6A Enclosures
JETJP13-JP650C6B Enclosures
JETJP600-JP650C6C Enclosures
JETJP12.5-JP500CX Enclosures
JETJP250-JP800C8A Enclosures
JETJP12.5-JP200C8B Enclosures
JETJP12.5-JP200C8C Enclosures
JETJP250-JP2000C10A Enclosures
JETJP250-JP500C10B Enclosures
JETJP12.5-JP200C10C Enclosures
Genset BrandGenset Range (KVA)Enclosure Type
MarapcoMP13-MP2000SP Enclosures
Genset BrandGenset Model (KVA)Enclosure Type
Jubaili BrosJP9SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP12.5SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP15SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP20SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP30SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP45SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP60SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP80SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP100SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP135SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP150SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP180SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP200(1106)SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP200(1506)SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP230 (1206)SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP230 (1506)SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP250 (1206)SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP250 (1506)SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP275)SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP300SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP350SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP400SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP450SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP500SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP600SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP650SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP700 (2806)SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP750 (2806)SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP770SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP800SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP1000 (4008-30TAG2A)SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP1000 (4008TAG2A)SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP1125SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP1250SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP1350SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP1500SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP1700SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP2000SA Enclosures
Jubaili BrosJP2250SA Enclosures
Jubaili Bros9-100Double Deck Enclosures
Genset BrandGenset ModelEnclosure Type
MarapcoMP12.5-MP14ESA Enclosures
MarapcoMP20-MP22ESA Enclosures
MarapcoMP30-MP33ESA Enclosures
MarapcoMP45-MP50ESA Enclosures
MarapcoMP60-MP66ESA Enclosures
MarapcoMP80-MP88ESA Enclosures
MarapcoMP100-MP110ESA Enclosures
MarapcoMP135-MP150ESA Enclosures
MarapcoMP150-MP165ESA Enclosures
MarapcoMP350-MP400ESA Enclosures
MarapcoMP500-MP550ESA Enclosures
MarapcoMP600-MP660ESA Enclosures
MarapcoMP650-MP710ESA Enclosures