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Power Plants


We can design, supply, build, operate and maintain complete power generation plants, by using our generators with a prime unit range up to 2250KVA. We can synchronize up to 32 generators with different sizes for one power generation plant. The plant components (generators, synchronization controllers, and totalizing panels) are completely assembled by Jubalili bros under one roof.

Our solutions for power generation plants, include both LV and MV systems, with different methods, by using step up transformers or using special –custom made- MV alternators to fulfill the power requirements. These plants can be operated as standalone as a main source of prime power 24/7, or can be synchronized with the local grid to support in case of shortage, or complete standby power generation plants.

These plants can be controlled, monitored and operated locally or remotely by different options and applications, such as SCADA system, BMS system, webnet and mobile applications by using intelligent controllers with all necessary accessories and upgrades.

Jubaili bros has long experience for doing such job. We’ve supplied and installed our generators and solutions throughout the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and others, for different applications like Military camps and bases, labor camps, factories, cities and residential buildings, construction sites, sport and other activities.

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Turnkey LV & MV Solutions


Built on a strong foundation of high standards and quality product line, we pride ourselves in setting the standards, when it comes to reliable and trust worthy solutions for special requirements. We provide Utility, Industrial and Commercial customers with safe and smart solutions for the transmission and distribution of electricity.

On Turnkey solutions, we focus on:

  • Supplying equipment for LV & MV transmission and distribution
  • Rehabilitation and up gradation of existing systems
  • Designing and developing our own solutions to fit with customer needs

Our extensive offerings include, but not limited to:

  • Power & Distribution Transformers 50 – 5000 KVA up to 24 kV
  • Ring Main Units
  • Switchgears [Indoor & Outdoor with SCADA]
  • Power Cables LV & MV
  • Termination Kits [Commissioning and Installation]
  • Metal and Concrete Poles
  • Transmission Poles & Towers
  • Overhead Conductors and Accessories [ACSR, ACCR, ABC]
  • Switches, Disconnectors, Sectionalizers and Fused Cutouts
  • Test & Measuring Equipments
  • Energy Meters

Power For Rent


Whether our customers need to rent a Diesel Generator for standby emergency requirements or for special events, they can depend on Jubaili Bros for fast, reliable rental power. Our rental fleet consists of a wide range of Generators up to 1250 KVA in both basic and soundproof, fully maintained by highly trained engineers and technicians.

Our rental fleet consists of: (always contact us for higher capacities)

  • Emergency generators (15-1250 KVA)* (we have up to 1500 KVA in Nigeria)
  • Auto synchronized units for bigger load demand up to 32 MW+
  • Sound attenuated generators
  • Load Banks (400-700 KW) With Dual voltage as standard (50 Hz and 60 Hz)
  • Large capacity fuel tanks
  • Power cables and power distribution ancillaries
  • Mobile light towers
  • Sound Attenuated Enclosures designed for fast installation and easy maintenance

By renting with Jubaili Bros, you have all the advantages as mentioned below:

  • Comprehensive and quick solutions
  • Performance guaranteed
  • Cost control
  • Support when you need it
  • Ease of mobilization

We guarantee power on demand.

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