Jubaili Bros is a member of Jubaili Group Holding which is incorporated in Lebanon and manages several companies in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Jubaili Bros specializes in the Electro-Mechanical field. Jubaili Bros’ roots go back to the 1940’s with the Rajab Jubaili Establishment that started its operations in the city of Sidon, Southern of Lebanon, and rapidly expanded beyond Lebanon and became active in several Arab countries as well as in Africa.

To-date, Jubaili Bros has around 1500 international employees deployed in 10 countries with 29 branches and service centers, making Jubaili Bros one of the leading providers of Electro-Mechanical Solutions in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

  • lebanon


    Jubaili Bros was established in the city of Sidon (Saida) in Lebanon. With the market demand for Generators in Lebanon on the increase, JB offered a range of units powered by Honda, Robin and Lister Petter-Gas Petrol and Diesel Generators. From 1982-2009, Jubaili Bros has also been one of the first established dealers of FG Wilson, UK in Lebanon

    To-date Jubaili Bros covers a wide geographic area in Lebanon with multiple branches that include Saida (H.Q.), Beirut, Jdeidet El Metn, Tripoli and Tyre.

  • Jubaili UAE

    United Arab Emirates

    The demand for diesel and petrol generators is mushrooming at a constant rate. Due to the increasing demand, Jubaili Bros, one of the pioneer Generator Manufacturing Companies in UAE have stepped up to assemble and supply different types of generators and other electric power solutions. ‘’We are a leading Generator Supplier and have been continuously using our hard efforts and dedication for many years to meet the demand of our customers in the UAE and surrounding locations’’

    Jubaili Bros was established in the UAE in 1991 and have a wide range of electrical power units to offer, which are powered by Perkins engines, coupled with Leroy Somer alternators. ‘’Being one of the reputed Generator Companies, we offer the most reliable diesel generator brands including JET and Marapco. Due to our greater establishment as a Generator Manufacturer in UAE, we have covered many geographic locations in this area and set up many branches in different regions including Jebel Ali, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and others’’

    By creating an identity as a reliable Genset Manufacturer, we have served more than thousands of clients in this developing region. Visit any of our branches personally and give us a pleasure to meet your needs!

  • nigeria


    Jubaili Bros was established in Nigeria where it successfully met the challenge of satisfying the high market demand. JB rose to the occasion and became one of the largest suppliers of Diesel Electric Power Generators. At present, Jubaili Bros commands the top market position in Nigeria with 6 branches located in Lagos (Ikeja – Apapa – Victoria Island), Port Harcourt, Kano amd Ibadan. Jubaili Bros Engineering Ltd. is the supplier for the telecommunication, industrial, financial, government and oil & gas sectors in Nigeria and continues to be a reliable source of power solution needs for the Nigerian market. In addition we are now:


    • Authorized ABB LV Panel Builder
    • Authorized ABB MV Dealer
    • GE Authorized Dealer (For Large Size Generators)
    • Enersys Authorized Dealer for Batteries
  • afghanistan


    Jubaili Bros started its operations in Afghanistan market by establishing a branch in Kabul and holding trade license No. 1. Twenty-six years of experience at the time, with a trusted name and high quality generators; facilitated the company’s entry into the Asian market. We, at Jubaili Bros, are one of the Top Generator Companies in Afghanistan with various branches all over the Afghanistan including Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Kunduz, Jalalabad, Ghazni, Khost, Mazar Shariff, and many more.

    Are you looking for the best and the most reliable Generator suppliers in Afghanistan? If yes, then you are at the right place. We, at Jubaili Bros, are one of the Top generator companies in Afghanistan with various branches all over the Afghanistan including Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Kunduz, Jalalabad, Ghazni, Khost, Mazar Shariff, and many more.

    Brands of generators we deal in
    There are different brands of diesel generator sets assembled and supplied by us. This is why we are
    known as a genuine Genset Manufacturer in Afghanistan.

    Our brands include:
    1. Jet Generators
    2. Marapco Generators

    Apart from this, Jubaili Bros, one of the best Generator Suppliers in Kabul also supply spare parts for
    Perkins powered diesel generator sets and offer other products as well, which include control panels, SA
    Enclosures, Marapco light towers, and synchronizing solutions for diesel generator sets. As an
    international service provider, we have obtained higher rankings and have become one of the most
    anticipated Generator Companies in Kabul. If you wish to inquire about any of our products and
    services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • kuwait


    While focusing on improving its sales support and market share, Jubaili Bros expanded by opening a branch in Kuwait Free Trade Zone, which looks after Kuwait’s market as well as Southern Iraq, thus facilitating the execution and completion of various projects for the Telecom, Government, Construction, Oil & Gas sectors by offering customized power solutions.

  • ghana


    Jubaili Bros extended its global reach throughout Africa with an additional branch in Ghana. This branch caters to WECA market with a wholesale operation that further supports all Jubaili Bros’ Dealers.

  • qatar


    Jubaili Bros are the eminent entity in the world of top Generator Companies in Doha. We have been providing industrial services and solutions to thousands of clients in the Middle East since our inception. With the dedication and confidence of our team of industrial designers and engineers, we, one of the best Generator suppliers in Doha, have become capable of offering a complete range of diesel generator sets. This is the main reason why we have developed as an efficient and diverse generator provider with the excellence of top Generator suppliers in Qatar and the surrounding areas.

    We are amongst the reputed Top Generator Companies in Qatar market, offering both innovative and standard generators, turnkey solutions and provide services to a wide range of associations and companies all over the world with a dedicated focus on tailored solutions for different projects. In addition we are also one of the prominent Generators spare parts suppliers in Qatar.

  • uganda


    To further strengthen it’s presence in Africa and to provide after sales service to clients (especially telecom companies), Jubaili Bros opened a new branch in Kampala–Uganda to serve the East African market.

  • south-africa

    South Africa

    To offer its world class power solutions to South Africa and neighboring countires, Jubaili Bros launched a new branch in Johannesburg.

  • Pakistan


    Jubaili Bros opened the doors of a new branch in Lahore, Pakistan – Jubaili Bros Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. The newly opened branch aims to satisfy the rising demand for Power Generation in Pakistan and nearby regions.