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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility (SR) is a primary concern for Jubaili Bros. We are committed to integrating ourselves in all societies we serve through helping and supporting social welfare programs and associations, as well as events and activities that further enhance social development in the community. Jubaili Bros has various SR initiatives that support the cause of the underserved, underprivileged, and disadvantaged members of society. Jubaili Bros encourages empowerment of women, children and elderly in whatever capacity that enables them to enrich their lives for the better. It is in supporting people’s and societies’ welfare and concerns that we add true value and meaning to our role and existence within the communities we serve.

Green Initiative

Jubaili Bros always aims at continually evolving and developing its socio-environmental practices and applications just as it does its business practices. In this regard, Jubaili Bros took a dynamic initiative towards environmental preservation and reduction of carbon footprints.

The first goal along these lines was paper recycling where Jubaili Bros joined efforts with recycling companies in Lebanon and UAE and currently recycles all used paper it generates. We’re growing in a World we believe we should preserve, so as we keep expanding; our Green initiatives will expand too…

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