Jubaili Bros synchronizing Solution


Jubaili Bros can design, assemble, supply and install different types and ranges of ATS (Automatic transfer switch), or MTS (manual transfer switch), these type and options include but not limited to:

  • 1 Generator + Main ATS and MTS
  • 1 Generator+ Main ATS with bypass switch.
  • 2 Generators + Main ATS and MTS
  • 1 Generator + 1 Generator  ATS and MTS
  • 1 Generator + 1 Generator ATS with auto Cyclic system.

Jubaili Bros has more than 15 years of designing, supplying, installing and proving turnkey solutions for projects starting from customized single generating unit up to group of generators synchronized together with different plants capacities, these solutions include both LV and MV projects which includes but not limited to:

  • LV synchronization panels up to 10,000Amps rating with different number and sizes of generators, and outgoings.
  • Customized LV synchronization panels with ATS, for multi standby generators application with main.
  • Customized LV, MV synchronization panels suitable for installation outside under sun, rain and sandy weather.
  • MV synchronization panels for different sizes and applications.

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