Jubaili Bros load banks and fuel tanks


Load Banks are dummy Loads designed and manufactured to test the Generators and UPS Systems and measure their performance By Load application and rejection.

Automatic Load Banks are recommended and offered by Jubaili Bros, they detect the actual load connected the Generating Sets and assure an additional load connection when required to prevent running on Light Load.

The load bank contains resistive elements and a blower motor in a rigid structure of formed heavy gauge aluminized steel. They are available for Indoor & outdoor Installation.

Jubaili Bros Provide Fuel Storage and Fuel filling systems solutions, a wide range of Tanks sizes are available, Cubical or Cylindrical, single wall or double wall complying with the Local authorities regulations (ADNOC specifications, Civil defense …), Customer specifications and International standards and codes such UL and NFPA.

Fuel tanks are manufactured under high quality standards and tested using pneumatic pressure procedure to prevent any leakage