Having a single brand in a sea of choices for the kind of machinery or components you need makes the process of choosing the right generator and parts a lot simpler.

While there are several reliable generator brands to choose from, an important aspect to consider while you make your choice is the after-sales service that comes guaranteed with the product you are looking to buy.

Although the brand you chose might be popular and renowned for quality, it is not necessary that the company you opt for has an extensive network of dealerships in the country or city you live in.

On the other hand, since generators are large and heavy industrial products, most of them come with at least a year of warranty. In order for this to be availed, you will have to go to an affiliated store or vendor that sells or implements the brand’s warranty.

Another important concern is the ability to find spare parts and repair components, which, could be difficult to find for the rare models.

Perkins Powered Generators By Jubaili Bros

Jubaili Bros seeks to make this process a whole lot easier by offering authentic Perkins powered generators in the UAE, Lebanon, Nigeria and Worldwide, giving you the peace of mind associated with the company’s brand, and excellent after-sales service, even long after you first bought your generator.

Perkins is a brand name that seeks to deliver reliable and efficient power to serve user needs, and works with its Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to best serve this purpose.

The company was first established about 8 decades ago, and has sold about 20 million of its engines in various parts of the world.

Perkins has a history of engineering expertise, and all of its product umbrellas offer low sound levels with dependable durability.

Perkins Local Networks

Perkins has a large network of more than 3000 dealers and distributors in most countries of the world, not only helping to deliver access to its products in every corner of the world, but also ensuring customers can rely on this web of vendors for assistance and maintenance.

This widespread presence also helps to make sure customers across the globe not only have access to its parts, but can also be at ease regarding them being genuine. The parts available at these centres give you the guarantee that you are indeed buying something reliable and long-lasting. Being the First Perkins Engines electric power self-service OEM, Jubaili Bros is the perfect choice for your Power requirements.