Most large and branded electronic components, regardless of the segment of use and user need they serve come with a warranty that usually covers all repairs for a certain period of time.

While warranties certainly make owning electronic equipment easier, they will not always be available. This is especially the case with water damage of hard impact and falls for digital electronics, and voltage fluctuation for certain appliances in the house.

Usually the rationale is that the product was never advertised to be immune to external interference and damage factors.

This is where the availability of spare parts comes in. Whether your warranty period has elapsed, the damage or impact is your fault, or the power supply at your property is unstable, the availability of spare parts gives you the chance to have your product in a new shape, owing to the replacement of just one or a handful of components in the machine.

The availability of spare parts is especially important for expensive and heavy manufactured products such as generators.

Without the right components, the equipment is prone to further damage if it continues to use the affected machinery, or may not run at all.

Local and Genuine Perkins Engine Parts

Wherever the particular components are used frequently, and a large number of third-party vendors exist in the market, it is common for a substantial availability of locally-manufactured spare parts to also be available.

While these are far less costly than the original company-manufactured components, they will never last as long, and in most cases, do not come with a guarantee.

The use of genuine parts is specifically recommended for large and expensive products, and needless to say, for generators, because Perkins spare parts in UAE, Lebanon, Nigeria and Worldwide help deliver the best power output and efficiency in fuel consumption.

There are other important advantages to the use of original Perkins engine parts in UAE as well, namely optimum compatibility with the generator’s engine, and the highest level of performance and reliability.

Knowing Your Perkins Spare Parts

The original spare parts will always have a visual identification symbol on the exterior, which in Perkins’ case is a hologram.

Buying genuine parts for your Perkins generator ensures that you get the best possible use out of the money you paid for, and maximizes the prospects of your generator engine and components to last as long as they are designed to.