A majority of the world’s energy needs are fulfilled by burning fossil fuels, which are commonly available as natural gas, oil, and coal.

Although efforts are being made to replace these with renewable fuels, the fact that most of the world’s power generation systems are set up for these fuels and this method of power generation mean this will take longer than required.

Until then, most of the grid’s energy needs are going to be produced at a power plant, which is a large facility that turns fuel sources into electricity through the use of a turbine, which in turn relies on heat energy to be driven.

All power plants use a generator in this process, and some of the larger facilities can generate up to 2000 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power several thousand homes.

In most cases, the capacity of a single generator is not enough for this much electricity, and several of these are going to be hooked up together to do this.

Generator manufacturers may also deliver synchronization and turnkey project services to power a combination of residential and commercial establishments, spanning medium and low voltage ranges.

Turnkey Projects And Power Generators

The established heritage and reliable product ensemble allows Jubaili Bros to set high industrial standards and stay at the forefront of the power solutions sphere, while also tending to exclusive needs.

Our services cater to commercial, industrial, and utility users and segments, therefore prioritizing safety and efficiency in power distribution.

Our focus in the Turnkey Solutions area includes:

  • Providing the equipment for low voltage and medium voltage transmission and distribution.
  • Maintaining and Upgrading Current Systems
  • Design and Development of systems to suit user needs

Power Plants

Generators that have a range of up to 2500 KVA can be operated in parallel, and we cater to SCADA and load management in the power plant control and monitor sector.

Our power plant solutions cover sole and parallel applications.

Components We Offer For Power Generators

Jubaili Bros offers a wide range of electricity transmission and distribution products and services.

The components we offer for power generators in UAE, Lebanon, Nigeria and Worldwide include:

  • Power and Distribution transformers in the 50 to 50,000 KVA range (up to 24 kV)
  • Ring Main Units
  • Indoor and Outdoor Switchgears with SCADA
  • Low Voltage and Medium Voltage power cables
  • Commissioning and Installation Termination Kits
  • Metal and Concrete Poles
  • Transmission Poles and Towers
  • Overhead Conductors and Accessories [ACSR, ACCR, ABC]
  • Switches, Disconnectors, Sectionalizers and Fused Cutouts
  • Test & Measuring Equipment