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Generator Spare Parts Supplier Lebanon

The most popular generator brands and companies in the market will always have a large number of vendors as authorized and third-party suppliers and repair centers.

This does not mean getting your repair work done or securing after-sales assistance at just another place that offers it will be the wisest choice.

In a situation where one or more of the parts of your generator has malfunctioned or been damaged completely, the best choice is to always stick to a renowned name in the market, whatever your need.

Jubaili Bros is a market leader in the Diesel Electric Power Generators segment, and has an unparalleled collection and range of original spare parts and all related generator accessories.

Perkins Parts Suppliers

Our company is amongst the leading generator spare parts suppliers in UAE, Lebanon and Nigeria, and as such enjoys a level of loyalty and trust in the market that few others can mirror.

Catering to the full range of Perkins products means we offer all categories of original spare parts for electric generators, including turbochargers, belts, filters, pistons, liners, automatic voltage regulators (AVRs) and joints.

Perkins engines are highly versatile and adaptable machines, which makes them perfectly suited for a number of overhauling additions and modifications to best suit the needs of the user.

As such, we also carry the parts necessary for the overhauling of Perkins Diesel Generators. 

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Our extensive range includes, among many others:

  • Original Engine Spare Parts
  • Original Alternator Spare Parts
  • Electronic Components and Control Panels
  • Electrical and Mechanical Parts
  • Lubricants

Diesel Generator Parts And Our Supply

Our company relies on the ability of several supply chain partners and a large stock of frequently requested products to be able to deliver even the rarest parts in the smallest timeframe possible.

We have an automated restock system which keeps strict track of inventory levels, which means a request for one or multiple generator parts and accessories, be it a common or unconventional item, is fulfilled without downtime on your end.

This stocking mechanism and a full range allows us also to ensure that all kinds of industrial and domestic needs in relation to generators, be they for small generator bulbs, or with a view to implementing a full engine overhaul, are met with ease.

An excellent and widely experienced after-sales support system, and a history as a foremost name in the market makes us a reliable choice also for customers who would like to carry out maintenance on their own, with avid advice on choosing spare components.

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